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Vaping Laws Around The World-SOUTH AMERICA

FOREWORD: In order to better help our customers understand the policies and laws of various countries on e-cigarettes, we will continue to update the latest information and collect as much RULES as possible. If you have any updated information or laws we have not collected, please leave us a message, thank you very much!

South America

One of the less vape friendly parts of the world with several major tourist favourites being very much anti-vaping. Outright bans exist across much of the continent and where bans don’t exist the laws are unclear.

Vaping in Brazil

Status: Banned

What you need to know: A total ban exists in Brazil meaning you can’t buy or sell e-cigarettes and related products.

However, we have recently been contacted by a reader of our blog who lives in Brazil. They have been kind enough to provide a detailed insight into the realities of vaping in Brazil. We've summarised the information they provided below;

"When you come to Brazil, you can bring your vape, don’t hide anything from the authorities, cover your batterie tops well and bring enough juice for your own use. Don’t vape in enclosed public spaces, near hospitals, schools or anywhere that has a sign saying that you can’t smoke. Also, avoid poor places like favelas when carrying anything fancy (don’t vape there as you will draw unwanted attention).

Don’t try to sell any vape related products, and if asked always say that it is for your personal use. You can bring as many mods or juices as you want, providing it's for personal use, but make sure that you don’t try to bring them in their original boxes as that makes look like the item is for selling."

We cannot confirm this information is 100% accurate as we've not been lucky enough to visit Brazil. Whilst we believe this to be fair assessment of the situation we would still advise caution. If you do plan on taking your vaping gear to Brazil we would suggest only packing what you don't mind being potentially confiscated by authorities. 

Vaping in Argentina

Status: Banned

What you need to know: Vaping is illegal throughout the country.

Vaping in Colombia

Status: Permitted with Limitations

What you need to know: There was a total ban on vaping in Columbia which now appears to have been lifted. The laws currently classify vaping products as tobacco imitations and the sale, manufacturing and marketing/advertising is prohibited. For those visiting the country vaping is permitted in the same areas you can smoke. You cannot use your ecig on public transport or enclosed public spaces.

Vaping in Peru

Status: Unclear

What you need to know: It’s not totally clear but many travel forums have users reporting they have used their ecigs freely and purchased supplies whilst visiting the country. This doesn’t mean it is legal, it may simply be authorities turning a blind eye so proceed with caution.

Vaping in Venezuela

Status: Banned

What you need to know: Vaping is illegal throughout the country.

Vaping in Chile

Status: Permitted

What you need to know: Vaping is legal and treated much the same as smoking. No smoking/vaping is permitted in indoor public buildings unless permission has been explicitly given.

Vaping in Ecuador

Status: Permitted

What you need to know: Vaping is allowed in Ecuador but is prohibited in public spaces. There are a good number of vape shops in the capital Quito, however the rest if the country has very few so you’re best stocking up if you plan on travelling to rural areas.

Vaping in Bolivia

Status: Unclear

What you need to know: There is virtually no information on whether vaping is permitted in Bolivia. Many counties around the world tend to follow their neighbours when it comes to ecig policy, in which case it’s likely that Bolivia either has a ban or fairly restrictive laws. We’ll keep investigating and update when we can.

Vaping in Uruguay

Status: Banned

What you need to know: The sale, promotion and importation of e-cigarettes are banned. However, a quick Google search returns several active vape shops, especially in the Capital. We are attempting to contact some of these vape shops to get a clearer picture. However, we would advise proceeding with caution if you’re travelling to the country and wish to vape. Take a low-cost device in case customs decide to confiscate it and check with locals before you start vaping.



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