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Vaping Laws Around The World-OCEANIA

FOREWORD: In order to better help our customers understand the policies and laws of various countries on e-cigarettes, we will continue to update the latest information and collect as much RULES as possible. If you have any updated information or laws we have not collected, please leave us a message, thank you very much!



Another continent of contrasts with Australia veering towards a total ban and New Zealand embracing vaping.


Vaping Laws in Oceania

Vaping in Australia

Status: Permitted with Big Limitations

What you need to know: Vaping is not banned but using e-liquids that contain nicotine is. Purchasing e-cigarettes is banned in some states but legal in others. Overall it’s a fairly confusing picture but for people who vape juices with nicotine then Oz is not a great country to visit.

Vaping in New Zealand

Status: Permitted

What you need to know: Unlike their neighbours, New Zealand has a far more progressive attitude to vaping that is more in line with the UK. Towards the end of 2017, the New Zealand Health Ministry endorsed ecigs as a harm reduction and smoking cessation toolNew Zealand has few restrictions on vapers and vape shops are plentiful if you need to stock up on supplies.

Vaping in Fiji

Status: Permitted

What you need to know: Vaping is permitted and they have a number of vape shops should you run out of the essentials.

Vaping in Papua New Guinea

Status: Permitted

What you need to know: There are no known regulations covering e-cigarettes in Papua New Guinea. However, information is hard to come by so if you plan on visiting do you own research prior to arrival.

Vaping in the Solomon Islands

Status: Permitted

What you need to know: Vaping does appear to be legal and there are a small number of vape shops if you wish to buy supplies whilst visiting.



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